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KeHE Solutions

The new name and logo announces an important step in our continuing development as your distributor partner. KeHE has acquired a number of businesses over the last four years, and these businesses came with their own brand names and logos. Peters Imports is the brand you may be most familiar with. We have fully integrated these acquisitions. Our retail customers and supplier community have come to realize that the KeHE brand name effectively captures the broad scope of sales, marketing, assortment, and supply chain resources we bring to every channel of business we serve. It is now time to move to one brand and one logo.

KeHE's new logo involves a multi-color globe that depicts our three areas of product expertise and focus - Natural, Specialty and Fresh.

While we are making changes to our logo, nothing in your day-to-day relationship with our company will change. The same team of professionals that serves you today will continue to serve your business tomorrow. We still have a vast assortment of products to meet every customers needs creating and incredible "one stop shop". Whatever size of business you operate, we have the product selection and expertise to service your needs. In addition to everything we offer on this website we also have a broker network within KeHE Solutions that can assist you with your individual needs.

Finally, we want to sincerely thank you for the relationship that we enjoy. All of us at KeHE are truly dedicated to the continued success of your business.

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Freight Changes Coming 2/1/18

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California Prop 65 Notice

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